Experienced Airport Operator

Ayala's, Inc.'s airport concessions generate annual sales that exceed $13 million and we employ 150 associates. Our stores operate under many different names but fall into three main categories: Specialty Retail, News and Gift, and Food and Beverage.

A Regional Success Story

Ayala's, Inc. has been operating at McCarran for over 20 years. The company's success has created opportunities at McCarran and at Denver International Airport, the nation's 5th and 6th busiest airports.

The Ayala family has gained a reputation as a highly regarded operator of Specialty Retail Shops, news and gift, and food and beverage outlets in the airport environment. Considered one of the industry's most successful and cooperative tenants, Ayala's, Inc. currently operates twelve concessions and has four new stores in design and construction at this time.

The management for Ayala's, Inc. is performed through our office in Las Vegas, NV. We boast a complete infrastructure of Finance, Operations, Information Technology, Merchandising, and Human Resources but like any great retailer, the retail stores are where it all happens. We offer a strong complement of field management to support over 150 retail sales associates.

Leadership With A Vision

Ayala’s, Inc. length of tenure in airport retail provides our management staff and retail associates with a wealth of experience to draw upon. As a result, our retail practices are finely tuned. This experience serves our airport operations as we continue to enhance our involvement with the concession program.

Ayala’s, Inc. brings operational peace of mind. Our team’s experience in large airports is combined with an impeccable track record in being sensitive to local needs.

On-Site, Hands-On

Ayala’s, Inc. implements our operational philosophy of exceeding expectations through flawless execution and individual accountability. Ayala’s, Inc. brings to life a vision of great customer service and associates’ responsiveness to customer’s needs.

Our success in effective management lies in our ability to help each individual team member understand the importance of offering the BEST customer service and the impact he/she has on our customer’s shopping experience. Our managers achieve this by focusing on four simple but essential elements.

Ayala's, Inc. brings to life a vision of great customer service and associates' responsiveness to customer's needs.

1. Customer Service
Our management and team members never forget that without our customers, our stores could not succeed. They understand that we are a service driven business and that meeting and exceeding customer expectations determines our success.
2. Training, Development, & Monitoring
Our training has a proven record of success. Each employee is assessed on performance, and our incentive programs reward service excellence. In addition to our own performance audits, we use external secret shoppers and research companies to measure our effectiveness.
3. Staffing
Our team includes experienced retail professionals. We maintain high staffing levels to efficiently handle traffic peaks as well as to refresh and restock the store during sales lulls.
4. Standards
Through careful management techniques Ayala’s assures that stocking, visual merchandising, cleaning, repairs and general maintenance are promptly performed.

Operational Structure

It is our commitment to provide experienced management and capable staff to operate our stores in major international airports. Our Regional Managers provide senior management to the store manager and assistant manager and help them lead their sales team members in delivering the highest levels of customer service.

Our Staffing Philosophy

Experience has taught us that adequate staffing not only enhances customer service but also enhances revenue. Staffing levels in our stores are always planned to handle the customer volume and ensure proper coverage. In a commitment to consistently provide the BEST customer service, Ayala's, Inc. constantly monitors traffic flow in and around the stores. This process helps to determine the ideal level of staffing in coordination with flight schedules. In support or our staffing philosophy, Ayala's, Inc., requires that a manager or assistant manager supervise each shift throughout the entire hours of operation. A proposed staffing schedule can be found at the end of this section.

Helping Our Team Members Excel

With responsibility for day-to-day operations of the store, Ayala's, Inc. is focused on creating the absolute best experience for our customers. Ayala's, Inc. has developed very useful tools to help our team members identify opportunities to execute THE BEST customer service. Through programs, reinforcing Achievement, Commitment, and Team Work, associate recognition and self-assessment, and team members are equipped to focus on providing the absolute BEST customer service.

Four Steps To Operational Excellence And Customer Service

Ayala's, Inc. has developed a four part program to build successful operations by building exceptional team members. Our program focuses on Training, Incentives, Team Building and Compensation.


Each new Ayala team member completes a comprehensive 3-day "learning course". The "Team Member Learning Guide" developed by Ayala's, Inc. teaches new team members how to deliver the BEST guest service. On day one, new team members spend a 3-hour instructional period learning about the products that we offer. This is followed by instruction on the operation of the cash register, the company policies and operational procedures.
During days 2 and 3 of the training, the team member receives training on product prices, inventory control systems, customer service policies and Quality Assessment standards. Throughout a team member's employment with Ayala's, Inc., they are continually challenged to provide the absolute BEST customer service possible. Constant reference to the "Team Member Learning Guide" is utilized by Ayala's Inc. managers to ensure that operational standards are at the same level of excellence in all stores.

Team Building

Ayala's, Inc. has found that providing a work environment with proper supervision, accountability, and motivation ensures that team members feel valued within the organization and productive at the end of each work day. Although a competitive wage is vital to good staffing, it is equally important to provide a workplace that values accountability and productivity.
Throughout its history, Ayala's, Inc. has made a point of employing team members that represent the diversified communities that we operate within. As an ACDBE, certified Minority Owned Business, Ayala's, Inc. has constantly focused on giving employment opportunities to minorities. Currently, Ayala's, Inc.'s, staff is made up of 65% minority work force. Several of Ayala's, Inc.'s locations also count senior citizen representation among team members. The company considers maintaining a well-diversified workforce not only its responsibility but also, morally, the correct approach to management.

Incentives And Compensation

Ayala's, Inc. ensures that all team members are genuinely pleasant and possess the desire to contribute to a team effort. In a competitive employee marketplace, it is important to continually evaluate the current hourly wage levels. To be competitive and attract the best employees, Ayala's, Inc. surveys comparable positions at other concessions locations as well as wages paid at stores in the market outside the airport. In addition, opportunities are available to elevate compensation through bonus programs, incentives and raises based on merit and length of service. In addition, Ayala's, Inc. offers health insurance to both full and part time team members.

Hours Of Operation

The staffing plan for Ayala's, Inc. encompasses a policy regarding flexibility in hours of operations with focus on remaining open to serve the travelers during conditions beyond our control. As part of our commitment to ensuring the highest levels of customer service, our mandate regarding hours of operations is as follows:

* We generally operate during the hours of 6:00 a.m. to 1:00 a.m. and are prepared to extend hours as needed;

* During conditions beyond our control, whether it is flight delays, cancellations, weather conditions, when it may be required Ayala's will remain open to service the need of delayed passenger as is the case in other stores operated by Ayala's, Inc.

Beyond the store hour policy, what sets our stores apart is our flexibility to help the airport and adapt to exceptional situations. Our managers continue to exceed customer expectations by training store employees to monitor flight boards daily for unplanned delays and to adjust operating hours when necessary.

In addition to processing customer transactions in peak periods, our staffing plan accounts for receiving and returning goods to and from the Ayala's, Inc. stockroom without disrupting ongoing business, as well as maintaining a well merchandised display.

Beyond the store hour policy, what sets our stores apart is our flexibility to help the airport and adapt to exceptional conditions.

Merchandise Logistics

Ayala's, Inc. has completely re-engineered the logistics of shipping goods to its existing network of airport locations. The new logistics process allows stores to get deliveries at a time of day when they are able and allowed to receive them, in quantities they can process, and within the airport's delivery guidelines.

This requires a significant investment in wages, incremental to regular in-store staffing, and consequently our stores are better stocked, free of boxes and totes. Such improvements play a role in Ayala's, Inc.'s higher than average RPE's.

Trash Disposal

Upon completion of deliveries, waste is retrieved and sorted by recyclables and non-recyclables and placed into clear garbage bags. Our warehouse personnel remove all trash from stores in accordance with facility management and airport regulations. Our internal policy is to dispose of waste at least twice a day ensuring no clutter and strong visual store presentation.

Facilities Maintenance Plan

Dominique Lindsay, Ayala's, Inc.'s General Manager, is the lead person that will ensure that any concerns from the Department of Aviation are addressed immediately. This includes maintaining the finishes and fixtures for an impeccable store appearance. Our commitment is that any issue that can be resolved by our on-site handyman will be addressed within 48 hours. Work that requires our assigned local contractor will be dealt with within five working days (pending airport approval if needed).

Policy For Maintenance And Repairs

Through the assistance of Ayala's, Inc.'s Design & Construction team, we ensure that all store maintenance and repairs are dealt with immediately. Operational conference calls are held every Monday, followed by a review by our Design & Construction crew of any work orders to ensure a timely response to any issue. Major renovations are carried out in consultation with the landlord. Replacement lamps are stocked in our on-site warehouse for immediate use.

Cleaning Policy And Frequency

Our management team is trained to maintain a clean and orderly store. Store personnel perform daily interior maintenance during non-peak periods in order to keep an impeccable store presentation for the traveling passenger.

Replacement Of Equipment, Displays, Fixtures And Floor Finishes

Ayala's, Inc. regards maintenance, replacement or refurbishment of fixtures, and maintenance repairs as expenses that do not deflate store profitability. Continuing to improve upon maintaining our store image pays for itself. Ayala's, Inc.'s Design and Construction team also conducts regular visits to our stores in order to ensure that interiors and exteriors meet the airport's requirements and the company's own corporate compliance policies.

Security Plan

As a current concession operator in major airports Ayala's, Inc. is accustomed to complying with the security requirements in the airport. Ayala's is experienced with operating in the airport environment and is fully compliant with security badge requirements and with inventory screening procedures.

Point Of Sale And Cash Control System

Our stores benefit from two or more (open, functional and staffed!) state-of-the-art registers to ensure that we have the capacity to serve customers and maintain easy access to our facility through high transaction volumes. Our electronic POS systems track merchandise, sales tax, and provide an ongoing record of sales in all stores. The corporate office can poll data from the store electronically and provide daily input to the design, purchasing, and operation teams.

Customer Service Plan

When a customer or guest enters our store, they will be greeted by a friendly team member. Even if the store is crowded, team members are expected to make eye contact with each guest and assure him or her that someone will be right with them.

When a guest is ready to make a purchase, the team member will assist the customer in making their selections and will point out complimentary items that the guest might enjoy. At all times, the team member will fulfill each guest's requests as quickly as possible.

Customer Situations And Refund Policy

Team members are instructed that it is their responsibility to assure that each guest has the BEST experience possible when visiting our store. If a guest has a problem, team members will be pleasant and as helpful as possible in resolving the situation. If the team member is unable to resolve the situation to the customer's satisfaction, the team member will direct the guest to a manager or supervisor and will remain respectful, pleasant and polite at all times.

Should a guest request a refund, team members are instructed to first try to remedy the problem by offering a replacement product. If the guest still asks for a refund, the team member will then refund the money without any further inquiry. Team members are taught to put themselves in the shoes of the guest and to accommodate the guest as much as possible. It is important for all team members to remember the customer is, in fact, a "guest" at our shops and should be treated accordingly.

ALL customers are greeted by a friendly team member.


Working To Continuously Improve Customer Service

As a leading Specialty Retail, Restaurant and News & Gift operator in the airport environment, Ayala's Inc. has developed and successfully implemented several initiatives that help drive customer service. Examples of such initiatives successfully implemented by Ayala's, Inc. are as follows:

G.U.E.S.T. Services Program Initiative

We at Ayala's, Inc. continuously strive to raise the bar in customer service and customer awareness. With our recent and very successful rollout of our G.U.E.S.T. program in the fall of 2007, we have again gone above and beyond by creating our own, in house, "CST", or customer service team, whose sole purpose is to insure the best possible experience for all persons entering our stores. Every Ayala's, Inc. associate is secret shopped, graded and counseled a minimum of two times per shift. This constant education provided by our CST staff rewards associates with additional performance bonuses as well as rewarding our customers with the best possible shopping experience in retail today.

Success Orientation Self-Assessment

The Self Assessment program allows team members and managers to develop a clear understanding of qualities and behaviors that will enhance their success in the company. By using the self evaluation matrix, the team member can evaluate which areas of their job performance are still under development or are gaining strength and developing into an area of expertise. Regular evaluation and management feedback nurtures skill development and enhances the understanding of the corporate culture.


Ayala's Inc. has developed several programs to assist the store managers in motivating their team members. These programs are targeted to drive sales and to ensure the BEST customer service:

1. Team Member of the Month Competition
Each month one team member receives the Team Member of the Month award of $100. To receive this award a team member must demonstrate superior customer service, up-selling techniques, team work, punctuality, and adherence to the criteria in the Secret Shopper program as well as to the standards set by the Quality Assessment for Ayala's, Inc. (a copy of the Quality Assessment is provided at the end of this section).

2. Secret Shopper Awards
Three times per month, a secret shopper visits each one of our stores and grades team members on one of five key criteria. If all the team members on that shift successfully pass the secret shopper test, they each win $100. Team members are unaware which key service is being evaluated at each time. Consequently, the team members stand the best chance of winning the $100 if they are performing all five criteria correctly. The five criteria are as follows:

- Prompt and pleasant greeting to each customer that enters the store
- Suggestive selling to the customer
- Offer all "promos" to each customer
- Clean and neat store
- Performing the BEST customer service and offering customer a receipt

3. Monthly Bonuses based on Monthly Sales
Monthly sales goals are established at the beginning of each calendar year. Ayala's, Inc.'s benchmarks sales for each of its locations. Four target levels are set with corresponding bonus amounts established for each team member. Team members are eligible for $ 25, $50, $75 and $100 cash rewards monthly if sales targets are achieved. Working as a team to achieve these sales goals empowers associates to work together to maximize the retail environment and the sales opportunities.

4. Overtime at 32 Hours
One of Ayala's, Inc.'s most successful retention programs is our policy that pays associates time and a half for all time worked over 32 hours per week. To qualify, associates must have had no late arrivals for their shifts during the pay period. This program has reduced lateness and employee turnover significantly. By enhancing retention, Ayala's Inc. is able to train our employees beyond the basic retail functions and enhance their product knowledge and customer service training.

Ayala's has gone above and beyond by creating its own customer service team that is solely dedicated to training and improving the customer experience.

Have Questions?

If you have any further questions regarding our company, please feel free to contact us through the link below. A representative from Ayala's, Inc. will respond to any and all e-mail inquiries within three to five business days.

If you would like to give us a call, send us a fax, or mail us with your inquries, you may reach us at our corporate offices located at 1681 East Flamingo Road, Suite #3, Las Vegas, Nevada, 89119. Our office number is 702-383-3180. Our fax number is 702-383-3325. We look forward to hearing from you regarding any questions or concerns you may have.

E-Mail Us at info@ayalasinc.com

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Ayala's inc. offers a full range of health care benefits to part time and full time employees. To learn more refer to the Operations page.

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